Sunday November 23, 2014 1:00 pm

Love Offering
The workshop will begin with exercises to produce a positive attitude towards self and others and to progressively relax the mind and body. Meditation techniques will be practiced. Exercises which are helpful in our day to day life to quickly attain a peaceful, focused mind will be taught.

The ability to recognize quickly when our thoughts are wandering and refocus our attention is a powerful, effective tool for individuals.

Rev. Wilkins is ordained by UMC and has been conducting Meditation Retreats since 2008. The following is a generic overview of Rev. Wilkin’s workshops. Not everything may be covered on this day.


Meditation is a state of being which differs markedly from our usual state of sensory awareness. Physiologically it is characterized by reduced rates of respiration and pulse, a lowering of blood pressure, a decrease in blood sugar levels and a change in brain wave patterns from beta to alpha. Participation is always under the control of the meditator. Short daily meditations are more efficient in restoring body, mind, and spirit than similar amounts of sleep. Fundamental insights into one’s psyche, a sense of inner integration, and solutions to problems of everyday life often occur as a result of regular meditation.


The meditative state may be induced by a number of meditative techniques (disciplines), but no technique is itself meditation. A technique is useful only if it leads one into the meditative state.

In an Integrative Meditation Seminar we begin with exercises to produce a positive attitude towards self and others and to progressively relax the mind and body.  The next step is to synchronize the mind with the body by means of one of a number of centering disciplines.  Then, with the mind more under control, we are ready for a number of less-structured disciplines such as contemplation, mantra, music, eating, how-I-love, walking, lotus, and open-defenseless-receptive-accepting-attentive. Group practice of each of these exercises provides an opportunity for mental and spiritual growth.  Practice is followed by a sharing of each person’s experiences, insights, difficulties, question, etc. while in meditation.


Allow participants to experience consciousness at a deeper level and to develop individual potential.

ŸDirect attention to the mind, body, emotions, and spirit in order to achieve balance and integration.

ŸLearn to do one thing at a time and be in the present moment using various exercises, discussion, journaling, and meditation techniques. Past participants report transformational changes. See participant’s evaluations.


Rev. Jim Wilkins has been conducting meditation retreats since 2008. This class was designed and taught by Dr. Jim Green over a 30 year period. Dr. Green presented the introductory 3.5-day course 95 times and an advanced course 17 times.


Jim is ordained by the United Metaphysical Churches and was the Pastor of Arlington Metaphysical Chapel. He has been a student of various meditation techniques and energy work for 25 years.

Because daily meditations have greatly enriched all aspects of his own life, Jim wants to pass on to others the capacity to practice such meditational disciplines as they may choose, at a reasonable cost, Jim attended Virginia Tech and received a degree in accounting. He worked in Public Accounting for 30 years.