Season’s Greetings,

 The beautiful Christmas story that we love so much, and never seem to tire of hearing, is not only wonderfully familiar to us, but is STEEPED and rich in mystical and metaphysical meanings.

The quote and so-called slogan of the Christmas Season is PEACE ON EARTH, GOOD WILL TO ALL MANKIND!…….Man has been searching for centuries trying to understand HOW TO MANIFEST:                                         PEACE ON EARTH.

The Advent Season begins with the scripture from Isaiah  with promises of one that was to come that would bring Peace to the people…..The orthodox Christian Church claims this to be a prophecy of the coming of Jesus; however, historically it was about the coming birth of Hezekiah  who they were hoping would have the government rest upon his shoulders, etc.

We only have to read the newspaper or turn on the TV or radio to realize, THERE IS NO PEACE!  Why, after thousands of years have we not found the answer?

Perhaps it is because we have taken all of the writings so literally, thinking that one person will be the solution or salvation of the world .  Well in my opinion, it hasn’t happened and it isn’t going to happen until we, each one of us, comes to the realization that these stories that we hold so dear and relish, are METAPHORS to enable us to unfold our own individual God-Christed Consciousness!  IN THE METAPHYSICAL CHURCH, we believe that each story  represents a state of consciousness within each and every one of us.
During this Christmas Season we remember and honor the birth of Jesus, The Christ, who said: “I AM the light of the world, YE are children  of light!”  In the words of Meister Eckhart, a 12th Century Mystical Monk:”‘ not the only BEGOTTEN son of God, but, his consciousness was BEGOTTEN ONLY of God.’We are all meant to be mothers of God….for God is always needing to be born'”    As Metaphysicians, we worship the souls of Holy men and Holy women, born anywhere and at any time.   

I believe the answer to PERFECT PROFOUND PEACE which we have been seeking for  eons of time  is found in the  Realization that Peace begins within us. .  May all  Wise men and  Wise women continue that spiritual quest  following  the Light as did the Wisemen of old until they experience: Joy to the world, the light has come! 


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Yours in Spiritual Service,

F. Reed Brown, Pastor