The message of Christmas is written upon the heart of man.  At this season of the year virtually all humanity is awakened to the consciousness of holiness. To the people of various lands and of various faiths the time has different spiritual meanings but without exception, the masses of humanity become aware of the divine presence of God.

All religions celebrate the birthdates of great souls.  These avatars, saviors and messiahs of mankind come upon the earth from time to time to lead mankind on the pathway to God!  They have appeared at various times and in various lands.   In the words of Meister Eckhardt,”Not only begotten, but begotten only!”  We celebrate the birth of Christ Consciousness in our “way shower” Jesus, The Christ on this special day, whose consciousness was begotten only of God!  We are all begotten of God; thus, the holiness of this season gives hope to each and every soul, “Greater things than I have done, ye shall do also!”

May the spirit of Christmas inspire and guide us throughout the year, every moment of our existence on earth and even beyond!

F. Reed Brown, Pastor and all the members & friends of RMC wish you and yours:


Recently the President of the United Metaphysical Churches, Rev. Justin Terry,  asked that the following be published as UMC’s DNA!  We are a part of the United Metaphysical Churches and I wanted to share this with our individual congregation.


VALUE ALL PEOPLEOur world and our perception changes when we learn to add value to the lives of others and being able to lead with love and service.

LIVING INTENTIONALLYLiving a life of intention will help bring a person’s path into focus and give a life of meaning. When we focus on what we can do today, opportunities that we never saw before will appear before our eyes.

EXCEED EXPECTATIONS – Giving more than expected will accelerate your spiritual growth, give meaning to your life, and support the entire UMC organization and its mission.

GROWTH FOCUS – Growth supports energy, which is essential to live. The more we know, the more we realize we don’t know. Constant and never-ending improvement should be embedded in our DNA.

DEMONSTRATING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE – As you grow spiritually, you will realize that everything does truly happen for a reason- even if it isn’t currently apparent. Good will come out of every situation. Demonstrating a positive attitude will help foster that vision and relieve stress, worry, and anxiety.

TRANSFORMATION – Kindness and forgiveness transform everything. Letting the past go, will help you make peace in the present. Ask what in yourself is being mirrored in the other person. What are they teaching you?

LEADING BY EXAMPLE – The more leaders the better. Some people confuse being a leader with having a power position, which is false. Being a leader is all about influencing ourselves and those around us to be the best they can be.

MODEL CONSISTENCY – Despite the circumstance, remain with perseverance and commitment. We stay centered and act out of love; not react out fear.

BE A PERSON OF FAITH – Whatever our faith, background or belief is everyone is welcomed and loved at United Metaphysical Churches where diversity is truly an asset. Having faith can be faith in God, the Universe, the Light, your higher self. It is that force that draws every leader to change, to help others, to grow, and to influence others to do the same; while realizing your true power is Divine.

Recently I was reading a book by David Brooks titled “The Road to Character.”  The opening paragraph makes a distinction between resume virtues and eulogy virtues.  The resume virtues, he says, “are the ones you list on your resume, the skills that you bring to the job market and that contribute to external success.  The eulogy virtues are deeper. They’re the virtues that get talked about at your funeral, the ones that exist at the core of your being, whether you are kind, brave, honest or faithful; what kind of relationships you formed.”  The words we all want to hear,”Well done thou good and faithful servant.”

If you resonate with the above, consider visiting us, and see what we are offering as a spiritual organization.  Come bring a friend,  ALL ARE WELCOME!

F. Reed Brown, Pastor