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Come and experience our 21 acres of beautiful lawns, trees and gardens as well as a beautiful chapel, library, bookstore, cafeteria and class rooms.  To view some selected pictures of our buildings & Alpha & Omega Gardens.


What’s New at RMC


Upcoming Events at RMC

ALL MESSAGE CIRCLE WITH REV. BROWN Wednesday, December 4, 7 PM, $20 Donation Everyone gets a message! Benefit RMC. (Library)

SATURDAY, December 7, 10 AM to 2 PM “The Greening of the Church”. Come help decorate the Chapel for the Christmas Season.  Pizza will be served.  Join in the fun and fellowship.

CHILDREN’S CHURCH…….. Teacher,Brenda Denny  (ages 4-11) Teacher  Shannon Jacobosen, (ages12 to 14)   Help your children learn that they are a part of GOD!   They are the captains of their ship…….If we want to change our world…..then we need to EDUCATE & encourage our children to help CHANGE THE WORLD!  GET UP….BRING YOUR CHILDREN… them help the world!

We are so fortunate to have teachers that are willing to share their spiritual knowledge with us…..
RMC’s Stewardship responsibility is to provide spiritual education that will help change the world!  JOIN  US, BRING YOUR CHILDREN…….they are the future of our world.


ADULT STUDY: Monthly Schedule: 

1st Sunday =  “THE MASTER KEY” = Your Spiritual Theology = Rev. Velma Bullington

2nd Sunday = “Natural Law” = Rev. F. Reed Brown 

3rd Sunday = “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” John C. Maxwell = Rev  Elizabeth Moore-McDeavitt

4th Sunday = ” Wisdom of Goldsmith” = Carol Eddinger